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Letter Five... #IStandWithMandu

Dear Mandu,

We are writing to you today on behalf of all of the signatories of our sex-based rights declaration. We are writing to express our sincere concern and offer our heartfelt support to you as WEP leader.

We have watched in alarm and horror at the personal abuse and harassment that has been directed at you online. Abuse for facilitating much needed policy discussions and political dialogue around women's rights.

We unequivocally condemn this . It is deeply worrying that appalling harassment has become a mainstay for women in this debate.

As a caucus we stand together in condemning this online intimidation of you as our WEP leader.

Although we have raised many criticisms with you about WEP’s consultation process, we appreciate fully the difficulty in simply holding this consultation. The harassment of politically active women who seek basic policy discussion is not to be underestimated. It has driven women out of politics. It has silenced women and ruined careers. In some cases ending in physical assault and stalking. So thank you for having the ovaries to make space for this discussion. A discussion that we believe is fundamental in understanding and protecting our rights as a sex. A discussion, that franky, in 2020 should not require courage.

As you know this abuse is familiar to many of the Caucus members and signatories of our declaration. We remind you of the Brighton WEP members who experienced having fluids thrown at them simply for attending a meeting. The windows of the meeting were then kicked for several hours whilst women inside had panic attacks. Or a similar meeting in the Grenfell Estate where protestors saw it fit to let off smoke bombs.

We must, as women come together and say enough is enough.

Stand shoulder to shoulder to hold a productive political space for each other.

A space to agree, a space to disagree, and a space that is rooted in values of respect and inclusion.

In sisterly solidarity and appreciation,

WEP Women's Sex Based Rights Caucus


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Pretty horrific posts in response to her very balanced one. This doesn’t do decent trans people any good at all. So many transsexuals are being abused because they don’t buy into the trans ideology. Great letter, thank you. 😊

Mi piace
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