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A brief overview of the startling evidence that the Women's Equality Party social media hides comments that include the word sex

Classmates in the Library
SM Evidence: Text


It says a lot about our party that it's own members (us!) feel a constant sense of paranoia that something ain't quite right in their interactions with the party.

But our spidey senses have been a-jangling for quite some time now as individual members try to make points relevant to Actual Feminism on posts that come from the party. Something felt off.

People weren't engaging with the comments, not even to tell the Difficult Women (TM) to do one and be kind somewhere.

It only took a back-up account of one of our members to show we were right.

A bit of simple testing showed that any comments that include the word sex were automatically hidden.

Thing is, you don't even know your comments have been hidden because THEY STILL APPEAR TO BE THERE to you and anyone who is Facebook friends with you.

Why not play along and try it for yourself?

Just comment on any WEP post and include the terrible word SEX or even S3X or SEXISM or SEXIST and then view the comment from an account that's not 'friends' with you.

Voila. WEP's abhorrence for women is revealed.

Some of our members have tried it and sent us screenshots - click to enlarge them in the gallery below. Feel free to do the same and let us know what you find.

And maybe message WEP and tell them #letstalkaboutsex

It's about time they grew up, hey?

Screenshot 2022-07-14 10.08.12.png
SM Evidence: Text
SM Evidence: Pro Gallery
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