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The expert witness testimonials #WEPFactCheck

In 2018 a motion to support self ID was 'held back'. In short it was paused. Our leader at the time Sophie Walker, recognised the huge impact self ID would have on women and specifically WEP policies. The membership them voted on a member wide consultation on the subject. This was supported by our members.

Members' Assembly Testimonials: Welcome

Our Statement

Although constitutionally mandated, four years later we have still not had a membership wide consultation.

The steering committee abandoned the idea in favour of a Member's Assembly. Selected members would listen to a range of experts on the impact of self ID on each of our policy areas.

At the end of this process the participants came our overwhelmingly in favour of single-sex exceptions as outline in the Equality Act 2010. Read our report here.​

From this, the member's assembly and steering committee were tasked with writing questions to be put to the membership. The process has now entirely stalled. In autumn of 2021 Mandu Reid published the results, incorrectly stating they were ambiguous and announced there would be no member -wide consultation. 

Mandu Reid stated her intent to continue the process through an informal #Indaba style conversation. Six months later there is still no sign.

We have continually raised issues with the design and handling of the consultation and the erosion of our sex-based policy work. In light of this we have little faith that any 'conversation' will be equitable.

We thank all the members and expert witnesses who gave their time, expertise and serious consideration to the MA process. We are embarrassed that your labour and insight has been effectively ignored by a Party established to value and promote the interests of women.

Here are some of the expert testimonials

To read more on the full consultation process and communications with our Parrt please see our blog

Members' Assembly Testimonials: Text

Kristina Harrison

Leftist Activist & transexual

Members' Assembly Testimonials: Video

Karen Ingala Smith

Founder of the Femicide Census

CEO of Nia

Members' Assembly Testimonials: Video

Rebecca Bull - Session One

Rebecca Bull is a solicitor specialising in equal pay and workplace discrimination.

She sits on the board of Sex Matters.

Members' Assembly Testimonials: Video

Rebecca Bull - Session Two

Members' Assembly Testimonials: Video

Prof. Alice Sullivan

Alice Sullivan is Professor of Sociology at University College London (UCL) and Head of Research at the UCL Social Research Institute.

Members' Assembly Testimonials: Video

Ruth Serwotka

a trade unionist, co-founder of Woman's Place UK and convenor of Socialist Feminist Network.

Members' Assembly Testimonials: Video

Dr. Shereen Benjamin

Senior Lecturer on Primary Ed, University of Edinburgh.

Members' Assembly Testimonials: Video

Jane Clare Jones

Members' Assembly Testimonials: Video

'Dr Jane Doe'

Members' Assembly Testimonials: Video

Polly Morgan - Session One

Members' Assembly Testimonials: Video

Polly Morgan - Session Two

Members' Assembly Testimonials: Video
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