Not all superheroes wear capes

Keira's case changes the landscape forever There was nothing wrong with my body, I was just lost and without proper support. Transition gave me the facility to hide from myself even more than before. It was a temporary fix, if that. Keira Bell For Tribuna Feminista Today, the Court of Appeal has upheld the appeal of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust against the decision of the Divisional Court in Bell & Mrs A v Tavistock Initially, this appears to be a blow. But

A Call To Action- The Political Erasure of SEX: Oxford Uni Research

ACTION: #WomenCountSoCountWomen Sex and The Census: The census has a breadth and depth that allow us to accurately measure societal trends. As such, the census is a vital tool in measuring the position of minorities within our society and vital in measuring and monitoring women's changing situation. The data gathered by the census has been key in understanding the impact of economic and political policy on women, and key in developing new policy, budgets and strategy to tack

Trump's Out. Are Women's Rights In?

Our unity is our strength, our diversity is our power. Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris Trump has been a disaster for women. The list of grievances is long. Just three women held cabinet positions in the Trump administration. That's the lowest number of women since George H. W. Bush’s presidency, effectively dialling women's representation back 30 years. In 2017, President Trump disbanded the White House Council on Women and Girls. Then, in another sinister move, his Depar

Joint Statement on Liz Truss's Announcement

A joint statement on Government responsibility to uphold women’s sex-based rights WEP Sex-based rights caucus is thrilled to be part of the following statement alongside nine other sister organisations: We welcome this week's announcement by the Minister for Women and Equalities. We are pleased that she has struck a balance between improving the process for obtaining a GRC for trans people and restating the importance of women's sex-based rights. All of our campaigning has be

Letter Six... Debating women's rights & secondary trauma

CONTENT WARNING- Contains accounts of child sexual abuse & trauma Dear Mandu, Christine & Tabitha, Today we opened our inbox and found a searing and candid testimony from a Caucus member. She has asked us to share this deeply personal account with you as well as our readers. It is her hope that those policy makers debating her rights, may learn something from her. A foreword from the Caucus As the WEP self ID consultation turns its focus to the impact of self ID on our EVAWG*

Letter Five... #IStandWithMandu

Dear Mandu, We are writing to you today on behalf of all of the signatories of our sex-based rights declaration. We are writing to express our sincere concern and offer our heartfelt support to you as WEP leader. We have watched in alarm and horror at the personal abuse and harassment that has been directed at you online. Abuse for facilitating much needed policy discussions and political dialogue around women's rights. We unequivocally condemn this . It is deeply worrying th