The Problem with Prisons

In a devastating blow, The Divisional Court today ruled in FDJ v Secretary Of State For Justice that the Ministry of Justice’s policies in relation to the placement of high risk transgender women prisoners in the women’s prison estate are lawful. Ruling here The judge’s ruling will weigh heavily on the claimant, the 3400 women currently incarcerated in UK prisons, and the feminists and prison reformists that have been fighting for the rights of female prisoners. So what was t

A Call To Action- The Political Erasure of SEX: Oxford Uni Research

ACTION: #WomenCountSoCountWomen Sex and The Census: The census has a breadth and depth that allow us to accurately measure societal trends. As such, the census is a vital tool in measuring the position of minorities within our society and vital in measuring and monitoring women's changing situation. The data gathered by the census has been key in understanding the impact of economic and political policy on women, and key in developing new policy, budgets and strategy to tack

Gender neutral drafting & the erasure of women in law.

Dear Mandu, We contact you urgently re the Ministerial Maternity Bill that is currently being rushed through parliament this week. WEP members are concerned that the bill uses gender neutral language, replacing woman, mother & female with person/people. WEP members are also concerned that the consequences of this language has not been subject to appropriate oversight due to the hurried nature of this bill. This language sets a UK precedence in terms of legislative wording an

Trump's Out. Are Women's Rights In?

Our unity is our strength, our diversity is our power. Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris Trump has been a disaster for women. The list of grievances is long. Just three women held cabinet positions in the Trump administration. That's the lowest number of women since George H. W. Bush’s presidency, effectively dialling women's representation back 30 years. In 2017, President Trump disbanded the White House Council on Women and Girls. Then, in another sinister move, his Depar