Losing My X

We publish this blog to mark the launch of #RespectMySex or lose my 'X'. A nationwide campaign ahead of the upcoming elections. We are proud to be part of this campaign via our cross-party working group, Women Uniting. WEP's Scottish Spokeswoman and Caucus member on why she resigned her role. What is a poor confused Women’s Equality Party member to think? Women’s Aid (in England), only two weeks ago, released a statement on single-sex spaces and services. (Read more here). I

WEP Members Overwhelmingly Support Single-Sex Spaces

In September 2018 the Women's Equality Party leader Sophie Walker pressed pause on a self-ID motion brought to conference. Ill thought out and with the potential to undermine WEP's sex-based policies, Sophie Walker blocked it. The membership voted in agreement that a membership-wide consultation should be undertaken before the motion was taken forward. Thank you Sophie! Three and a half years later and the membership-wide consultation still has not happened. Instead, last yea