Government fragmentation of #VAWG strategies. WE say no!

WE are concerned about the Governments recent statement on #VAWG strategy that is a huge departure from a fully integrated VAWG approach to a fragmented dual-strategy approach. Without consultation with women's groups (do WE detect a theme?-sigh), the Government has announced a new VAWG strategy framework This is deeply concerning and an unprecedented move away from the best practice model of a systematic integrated strategy- so, instead of one strategy, we have two; one focu

Letter Six... Debating women's rights & secondary trauma

CONTENT WARNING- Contains accounts of child sexual abuse & trauma Dear Mandu, Christine & Tabitha, Today we opened our inbox and found a searing and candid testimony from a Caucus member. She has asked us to share this deeply personal account with you as well as our readers. It is her hope that those policy makers debating her rights, may learn something from her. A foreword from the Caucus As the WEP self ID consultation turns its focus to the impact of self ID on our EVAWG*