Why We Need A Caucus

When we can no longer talk, we know we need a caucus It’s mid afternoon on Good Friday. The world seems quiet and the sun is shining. But somewhere, in a WEP WhatsApp group in the South West there is a storm brewing. Or more accurately, it’s monsoon season. So what occurred? Within what seems like an alarmingly short time frame- just two hours- the South West WEP WhatsApp group was terminated. Shut down. Finished. Dead. Alive no more. A forum, built over a number of years, fo


WE are pleased to bring you the first in a series of Caucus blogs from #WEPconf2020 Our Statement So what was our motion? Why was it silenced? And what does this mean for women and girls? To read the full motion and read our motion speeches please follow this link. WE are the WEP sex-based rights caucus and WE are proud and passionate members of WEP - the only party that sets women and girls at the beginning, middle and end of each and every policy, at each and every campaign