Redefining Rape: Redefining Rapists

By Jeni Harvey @GappyTales In partnership with the Good Law Project, a non-profit company founded by Jolyon Maugham, a new group named Right to Equality have recently come to prominence in seeking social change through advocating changes to the law, campaigning for what they term ‘gender justice.’ Their mission statement says that they are committed to eliminating ‘structural inequality and oppression,’ that they are ‘ambitious’ and not ‘afraid to push boundaries.’ They claim

Male rapists recorded as female

Today, The Times reports on an FOI submitted to the Scottish Government. Police Scotland said that if a rape or attempted rape was perpetrated by a “male who self-identifies as a woman . . . the male who self-identifies as a woman would be expected to be recorded as a female on relevant police systems.” This is not news. This is simply confirmation. This extraordinary assault on women's rights, without free consultation with us, or consideration of it's impact on us, is in ou