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WEP tells election candidates they support single-sex spaces. Now we ask them to tell you.

WEP have announced our candidates for this May’s council elections. We’re excited that our party policies will be promoted on the doorstep and in council chambers. We know that feminist voters across the UK are looking to WEP to stand for women and girls and, as part of our Women Uniting cross-party campaign #RespectMyX we are asking them the following three questions on your behalf: 1] Do you support the right of women and girls to have single-sex spaces? (This is currently

Losing My X

We publish this blog to mark the launch of #RespectMySex or lose my 'X'. A nationwide campaign ahead of the upcoming elections. We are proud to be part of this campaign via our cross-party working group, Women Uniting. WEP's Scottish Spokeswoman and Caucus member on why she resigned her role. What is a poor confused Women’s Equality Party member to think? Women’s Aid (in England), only two weeks ago, released a statement on single-sex spaces and services. (Read more here). I

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